Creating a Robust Web Application with PHP and CodeIgniter

Some time prior, a customer called me and requested that I disclose to him when somebody had signed all through the system. It was a sensible solicitation however it displayed a test for which I needed to build up a speedy arrangement.

In building up the application, I utilized a hire php codeigniter developer language structure, called CodeIgniter, that I have been utilizing effectively for my advancement venture.

The motivation behind this article is to give you how I tackled the issue and, simultaneously, acquaint you with CodeIgniter, a lightweight, simple to utilize PHP structure that you can use to assemble high caliber, strong, PHP sites and applications.

The Problem

All over, the issue doesn’t appear to be that troublesome. All things considered, all you ought to need to do is check the security occasion sign on the server to recover the mentioned data. There are, shockingly, two issues with that approach:

The security occasion log has such a large number of occasions in it. In any event, sifting the rundown down to login occasions is pointless in light of the fact that login occasions are produced for clients, gadgets, and who recognizes what else. What’s more regrettable, they all have a similar occasion number and you can only with significant effort channel by client name.

The data in the security occasion log isn’t easy to use and furthermore not something you can request that a business client do. Working with and translating occasion logs do take some specialized aptitude.

I additionally happen to accept that it isn’t normally a smart thought for customers to jab around in their servers except if they are in fact proficient. All things considered, who realizes what they may coincidentally contact and break. Since the customer needed this data all the time, utilizing the occasion log didn’t appear to me to be the correct methodology.

The Approach

Given the idea of the issue, the arrangement appeared to be to compose something basic. I needed the customer to have the option to get to the records from any PC and for the report to be easy to use. As needs be, a database with a Web application front end appeared to be only the ticket.


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